Zero to 10,000+ monthly pageviews from organic search traffic

Goal: Increase traffic with thoughtful articles

Disney Park Nerds wanted to get more people to their Disney Parks tourism site and generate more ad revenue and book sales. They sold most of their books and guides through Amazon but wasn’t great at attracting people who had never heard of them before.

Result: Additional source of income with the power of SEO

After working together to improve the site’s technical SEO and create 10 simple monthly articles so far, Disney Park Nerds watched their traffic build to 10,000+ monthly pageviews from just from search engines within 16 months. Now ad revenue has become an additional source of income for the site on top of book sales. Since our work together, traffic from search continues to be a successful source of traffic for their website with just 10 articles per month. Averaging a 8% growth in organic search traffic every month.

Increased traffic with helpful articles

We worked together to make some small technical changes to their website to help Google better understand the website and then research viable keywords to start writing 10 monthly articles for. The keywords were the result of SEO keyword research targeting their ideal audience and their intentional searches. After creating the articles, I continually provided them with smart internal linking of the articles for maximum SEO effectiveness.